Just Skirting by

Can’t believe this year is almost over, time is truly skirting by. The closer it gets to Winter and Christmas time, the more you will see an increase in the color red, yes red. Although skirts can be an all season go to item, most people don’t like wearing them in the colder months. Personally, I wear them all year long, the weather doesn’t stop me from being a mobile mannequin. I absolutely love skirts but I absolutely love skirts with patterns, especially unique patterns. 

I bumped into this beautiful skirt while doing my favorite pastime, online shopping. The red London street scene is just eye catching. The patterns consists of telephone booths and buses, how unique. To complete this look, I added a red off the shoulder top with red pantent leather heels, accessorized with a black arc clutch and now I’m just skirting my way through the city.

Outfit Details:

Skirt: Here

Top: Here

Nine West heels old, Similar: Here

Handbag: Here

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