“Pink Tie Affair”

Who said ties are only for men, I don’t know who said that but I am here to dispel that idea. In this world of equality, we want the same when it comes to fashion. Normally women’s ties are shorter and more narrow. Now I’m sure some women are not comfortable wearing a tie and I must admit, one must be confident in order to fo so.

If there’s one thing that demands respect on any front, it’s having the confidence to wear your tie with pride and let everyone know you are certain in your abilities. Though when this beacon of self-worth is paired with a stylish neck tie, it really gets elevated to that next level. People can be very perceptive. In a man’s case, If you wear a tie with absolute confidence, it will translate through and upon first moment’s glance, respect will be established. Well it is my hope that the same will apply for women that choose to wear ties. Here is how I styled my pink tie while maintaining my femininity. I chose a heather gray skirt suit. The skirt is a pencil skirt and the blazer is one button but I chose to wear it open for a more relaxed look. Underneath is a sleeveless button down top. Completed the look with a pair of gray heels.

Outfit details:

Blazer and Skirt: Old from The Limited, Similar: Here

Heels:  Here

Top:  Here

Tie:  Here

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