Black Out

Am I the only one that hates getting an invite to a party or an event and they specify a specific color for the attire. This has to be one of my biggest pet peeves. Why can’t I just wear what I choose to. I know that it would be out of order for me to not respect the color request but I really don’t like being in a room full of people and we all have on the same colors. Call me picky but that is really not my thing. All my life, my mom has preached to me to be a leader and never follow the crowd so that may have a lot to do with. Regardless of the reason, I’m not feeling it but I will respect it.

For this all black event, I chose to wear faux leather leggings pants. These leggings happen to be a very popular versatile item. I mentioned in previous blog posts that faux leather is on my list of must have items and it’s definitely here to stay. What better choice to pair it with than lace. This elegant lace off the shoulder top gave it a more classy dressy look that I was aiming for. I completed the look with Christian Louboutin heels. Next time just please let me wear the color of my choosing. Thanks in advance.

Outfit details:

Pants: Here

Top: Here

Heels: Here

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