For some time now, I have wanted to start a fashion blog but for the last 5 years, I was busy working on my PhD and there was no way that I would find the time to devote to it. Well after I defended my dissertation, it was time for me to set some new goals so why not go ahead and start a fashion blog. The amazing thing about 2017 is that I achieved all of the short term goals that I set for that year. So now that I am Dr. Moore, I decided to put my best foot forward.

For this look I chose a tshirt to highlight my new found hobby, yes blogging. I know there are thousands of bloggers out there but each one has their own unique style. Me personally, I don’t have one single style. I am very versatile and I don’t limit myself to one type of style. I can dress up or down. I love dresses and skirts since I work in the court system. This calls for me to dress up but I also have my fair share of jeans that I wear on the weekends. I paired the #blogging graphic tshirt with a pair of girlfriend distressed jeans. Girlfriend jeans are slinky fit with more room in the hip area creating a looser fit. I completed the look with a faux leather jacket and Christian Louboutin heels, now I’m off to do more blogging and set more goals for 2018.

Outfit details:

Belt: Here

Jeans: Here

Top: Here

Moto Jacket: Here

Heels: Here

Thanks for visiting.

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