These Boots are Made for Walking

Singing: These boots are made for walking…I have wondered what all the hype was about when it came down to the infamous Frye boots. Well I finally found out and I am going to spread the hype. First let me tell you why it took so long gor me to take the bog leap and make this purchase. The cost, these boots are expensive and not a good idea for someone living in Georgia where you won’t get much wear out of them. If I am going to pay almost $400 for a pair of boots, I definitely want to get my money’s worth. So now let me explain the good part because as you can see, I bit the bullet and purchased these boots. I finally, I repeat, I finally found them on sale (read with extreme excitement). I was able to get them for $100 off the original price. I quickly added them to my part.

So on to the conclusion, the boots arrived in the mail, I’m opening the box like a kid at Christmas and omg, they were everything that I imagined and more. They are worth every penny spent and honestly it’s worth paying full price but if you csn catch a sale, why not. I paired these boots with a Tommy Hilfiger sweater dress and it was a great look. These are the most comfortable pair of boots that I have every owned in my life, definitely a great fit and great buy. These boots truly are made for walking.

Outfit details:

Dress: Here

Boots: Here

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