Google Me…

In the modern world of google, you can find out almost anything that you want to know about anything that you want to know it about. So, periodically I enter my name in google just to see what the search returns, of course I know I’m not the only one that does that lol but if you haven’t, why not try it. On a more serious note, I really wish people would google the definition of a “blog”, as common as blogging is nowadays, there are so many people that have no clue as to what a “blogger” is when I tell them that I’m a fashion blogger. I’m a new to the blogging scene but in a few years, hopefully all kinds of great things will come up about me being a fashion blogger and a personal stylist when I google my name. Hey, we all gotta start somewhere.

So moving right along, for this look, I chose a pair of vintage super high rise jeans from Express. These vintage skinny’s high rise jeans, have plenty of sexy-cool distressing and the dark wash are sure to bring out some strong retro vibes next time you hit the scene. They are very comfortable and fashion forward. I paired it with a graphic tshirt that says “google me” which happens to be a great conversation starter for everyone that I came in contact with on this day. I scored this shirt from a seller on Etsy. I added a black and white seersucker blazer to dress it up and to give it a more edgy look. To add some color, I completed the look with a pair of yellow sandals and a pink clutch.

Ou tfit details:

Blazer: Here

Jeans: Here

Graphic Tshirt: Custom made Here

Heels: Here

Clutch: Here

Thanks for visiting.

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