Taking a Break

I’m taking a break, yes taking a break. From what, you might ask? Well, from these high heel shoes that I wear on a regular basis. I have over 100 pairs of heels and yes, I counted them. As for tennis shoes, I happen to own only 2 pairs. Yep, only 2, with the other pair being a pair of Converse. I know this may come as a surprise but growing up, I was a tomboy and all I wore were tennis shoes, I was the only girl with 3 bothers. I guess that’s why I don’t wear them now because it has that memory attached to it and it makes me think of my “boyish” look as a youth. Oh my, how things have changed now. I purchased these Adidas tennis shoes about 2 years ago while school shopping with my daughter after purchasing her a pair. Here it is 2 years later and I wore them for the first time a couple months ago. That’s just it, even when I dresss down in jeans, I still opt to wear heels, it’s just something about my heels, not sure what because I’m already tall.

So this is how I chose to style these tennis shoes and still keep my femininity. I chose a pleated black and white skirt from the Eva Mendes Collection at New York and Company and paired it with a black and white adidas tshirt and completed the look with a black clutch and the timeless adidas tennis shoes.

Outfit details:

Skirt: Here

Tshirt: Here

Handbag: Here

Tennis shoes: Here

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