I’m Still Waiting…

It has been a little over two years since I received my PhD and I’m still waiting. Yep, here I am, still at the same job prior to me receiving my degree. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I love what I do, but the pay, not so much. I know you’re probably thinking money isn’t everything but I just feel like I’m selling myself short and I’m nowhere near my highest potential. I didn’t go to school for 10 years and accumulate all of this student loan debt to not be where I think I deserve to be financially. And money isn’t everything but it is a major factor and guess what, I’m still waiting…

Myth: Everyone tells you to go to college and get a degree so you can be financially stable and provide a good life for yourself. It’s presented to you in the manner that if you have a degree, all of these magical doors are going to open and there will be no financial struggles. They make it seem as if you’re gonna automatically graduate college and find a job making six figures. Guess what, I’m still waiting…

Fact: I will agree that education is great to have but the sad reality is, if your family isn’t rich and able to pay for schooling or if you don’t receive an athletic/academic scholarship, chances are, once you graduate college, you’re already in debt from student loans that you’ve accumulated. The sad reality is not everyone saves for their kid’s “college funds”, well at least, my parents didn’t, leaving me to have to fend for myself. Yes, I have the degrees but as for the substantial income, I’m still waiting…

Fast forward to today, I’m Dr. Meshonda Latrice Moore and I have student loan debt. I thought the walls were going to be knocked down with numerous job opportunities once I obtained this PhD. Now don’t get me wrong, I have had numerous job offers but none are what I thought they would be as it relates to salary and not feasible for me to leave my current job where I am vested.

I’m a huge advocate for education but I’m still waiting on this dream that they sold me about going to college. Yes, I’m still waiting…

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3 thoughts on “I’m Still Waiting…

  1. Preach!!! I am right there with you! I didn’t go to school for 10 years but I went for 6 years straight and I am still waiting on my big break. Sometimes I feel like at the end of the day it isn’t about where you went to school it’s about who you know. No, not all parents save for their kids education; as a matter of fact most parents don’t because they can’t and we have to fend for ourselves and we end up having tons of student loans! This is such a real and great post! You will get that job you are waiting for!! 🙏🙏🙏 Great outfit 😍

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