The White Time

Yep it’s Winter and I’m wearing white. How about you, probably not because you’ve heard the old time saying “no white after Labor Day”. If you know when and how that became about then you would no longer consider it a “fashion no, no”.

Long story short, a group of rich people came up with this to know who had money and who didn’t. The rich agreed to not wear white after Labor Day so if you were wearing white during this time, they knew you were not in their class.

So knowing that, what are your thoughts? Well regardless of the reasoning, I’m wearing white year round, always have, always will so I guess I won’t be considered “the elite. Lol

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2 thoughts on “The White Time

  1. Good morning! I did not know that. Wow, people are so ridiculous, lol! I don’t wear white because I’ll mess it up when I eat, lol! And we all know I like to eat 😂🤣. I love the outfit and the history lesson!

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