There is More to Come


I have began to realize

that once my dreams began to capitalize

not everyone will remain by my side

some will drift away because of their pride

some will stay to get a free ride

enemies will wish that I run and hide

frenemies will regret my success deep down inside

all negativity I will push to the side

the only person I need sits Almighty and high

I kneel on my knees at night to thank Him, never asking why

all I can do is my best and try, try, try

it hasn’t been easy for me I can’t sit and lie

I have had some rough times, I can’t deny

it seems, the closer I get to the top

barriers are put in my way to try and make me stop

I won’t quit and throw the towel in

just stay tuned, I promise you this is not the end

By: Meshonda Latrice Moore

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One thought on “There is More to Come

  1. This is a great post! We live in a sad world were most people don’t like to see you happy or successful. People that you thought were your friends are secretly jealous of you and want the life that you have. Incredibly sad but we can’t stop being great happy or successful because it makes people uncomfortable! Thank you 😍😍


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