Do Believe the Hype

There are no rules in fashion, if there are, then I’m breaking them all. Who says you can’t mix patterns or combine patterns. This is 2019, you can definitely wear stripes with stripes.

There was a time when people wouldn’t dare mix patterns or wear stripes on top of stripes but times have definitely changed. But for those still choosing to “play it safe”, this pleated skirt can be worn with a solid button down white top.

If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to it, you can add a cobalt blue blazer. This will definitely transition you from work to an evening date night or dinner with the girls. I added a pair of nude Christian Louboutin heels not to overload the blue as adding blue heels would have made it too much for me.

For this look, I paired it with a lighter blue blazer so it wouldn’t look so “matchy, matchy” but if you aren’t willing to take that risk and want to play it safe, pair it with a blue that is closer to the colors in the skirt.

But DO believe the hype, you CAN create your own fashion style, and as long as you like it, wear it.

Outfit details:

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