Overalls, yes I’m wearing overalls. I’m showing you that overalls aren’t just for old men or farmers lol. Overalls can be easily styled to suit the young and fashionable. Either you like overalls or you don’t but I honestly don’t think there is an in between.

I fell in love with these overalls because they have a new modern day feel to them. The are distressed in the leg area causing them to give it an updated look. To give it a more dressy look I added a white top with puff shoulder sleeves.

I completed the look with a pair of green heel sandals to add a pop of color. I also double rolled and cuffed the hem but you can opt to wear them unrolled as shown below.

So “overall”, If you are looking for a casual look, you can style it with a tank top or t-shirt along with your favorite pair of tennis shoes. If you’re still not convinced that overalls are for you, I completely understand because it takes a certain level of confidence to wear them.

Outfit details: Here

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3 thoughts on “Overall

  1. I personally don’t like overalls but I do believe everything looks good on you! Why don’t you have your own clothing line? I would be your biggest customer. I plan to have my own boutique in the future with my own line of scarves hoop earrings and boots, your clothes would be in there! Just sayin….lol! I’m a fan 💕🌷😍🌻

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