It’s a Business

Many people don’t understand all that goes into blogging. It’s more than just a hobby for me, it’s a business. Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoy it but if one can capitalize off of it, then who wouldn’t want to do so. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that you may not know about and it takes time. I have to purchase the clothes, put the look together, pick a scene, take the pics, pick the pictures to post, write the blog posts, and finally link the clothing items to the post so you can shop the direct links.

Many people don’t understand how this works so let me condense it from my aspect and tell you why I do it. I want to inspire women to feel good about themselves and how they look. You can look good and have nice things without breaking the bank. I share fashion tips and I also provide links to where you can purchase the item or similar items and I link it to my page. This is how I make my money, if you click the link and purchase the item or any item, I get commission.

The MeLaMo Show is my brand. Another way that I make money is by using my brand to promote a business, product, or a brand. The business sends me the product for free and I promote it on my IG page. Previously it was only my IG account because that is where I have the largest engaged followers but moving forward it will be all of my social media outlets which are all listed under The MeLaMo Show. These are considered “ads” or “sponsored” posts and the brand pays you for promoting for them. It’s similar to a commercial but only with pictures.

I will post the Outfit details here for this post today but in the future you will find the links posted on so be sure to download the free app and follow me.

Top: Here

Jeans: Here

I have a lot of new sponsorships so stay tuned and thank you so much to everyone that supports me. I am extremely grateful.

Thank you for visiting.

5 thoughts on “It’s a Business

  1. Thank You for sharing! Had no idea but I thought it takes a lot of work and attention to remain fresh and relevant! Now I know how to help as well-great info and always stylush💕💚

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