White Boots

It’s that time of season, boot season and white boots are definitely going to be in this season. Many people aren’t a fan of white shoes, but if styled correctly, you can definitely make a fashion statement.

For this look, I chose a pair of white boots that come to the knee. These boots are simple but classy. The look is a black and white skort with a basic black tank top underneath and a sleek white blazer.

When wearing white boots, you don’t want your look to be to overbearing so stay away from a bunch of colors mixed together.

The boots that I am wearing are old but here are some of my favorite white boots with direct links to purchase.

Click: Here

Click: Here

Click here: Here

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3 thoughts on “White Boots

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of white boots but they certainly look good on you. I think I might give them a try. However I’m clumsy sometimes and they would be ap dirty, lol! Those boots sure are fabulous though

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  2. Great style, and I love white boots! I had a pair similar to the first link you posted but the heel broke while I was at work one day and I haven’t been able to find another pair since.

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