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I recently partnered with eShakti, whoever said nothing is perfect clearly doesn’t shop at eShakti. Ladies, have you ever tried on a dress and liked it but wished it were longer or shorter or maybe you wanted a different length for the sleeves or a different neckline style. Well if that’s the case then eShakti is the perfect place for you to get all of the aforementioned. You can shop standard sizes or you can add your measurements for custom sizes if you’re tall like me and have problems finding dresses that are the perfect length. I put in my specific measurements and when the dress came, it was a perfect fit.

Also another great thing that I love about them is, you can add pockets. If you’re anything like me, you love pockets added to any dress but if not, you can opt for no pockets. You can customize the dress to fit your personality. For this reason, I am sold. I will definitely be shopping eShakti for all of my dress needs.

eShakti is definitely for women of all body types and specific for the petite woman or for us tall girls offering sizes from 0-36. The versatility is what draws me to continue to keep me coming back to their site.

Outfit details:

Dress: Here

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5 thoughts on “eShakti Dresses Ad

  1. That dress looks absolutely stunning on you. It is definitely the perfect length. Great colors too! I will have to give them a look. I have problems with finding ankle length dresses so this site sounds good to me! Thanks for sharing ❤🌻🦋

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