Winter White and Snakeskin

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for following me into this new decade.

Although it’s Winter season, we are still experiencing high temperatures in Georgia but that is definitely not going to stop me from wearing my sweaters and all of my lovely boots.

Snakeskin boots are a hot commodity this season so I am sure that you have seen them popping up in stores everywhere and I don’t think they’ll be making an exit any time soon. You can also find them in shorter length styles and also snakeskin pumps. I’m loving them and would actually be shocked if you didn’t feel the same.

For this look, I chose a basic ivory sweater dress and paired it with my snakeskin boots. I didn’t want the look to be too overbearing so that is why I opted for a neutral color dress. Perfect outfit for a date night or a night on the town with the girls.

Outfit details are available by following me on the free app and there you will find direct links to purchase or visit: #liketkit

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Wishing everyone a safe and prosperous new year.

Thank you for visiting.

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