Do What makes your Heart Smile

In 2020, the year of clear vision, I decided to do things that make my heart smile. By the age of 40, I noticed that I had done a lot of things but a lot of the things that I did were for other people and that’s all good but now, I’m doing things that make my heart smile and I find that I am less stressed.

I wrote a list of things that bring joy to my life and I focus on doing them. This list was lengthy but just to name a few. If it’s something that I want to do, I’m doing it. I’m not putting off until tomorrow what can be done today. Life is too short and tomorrow isn’t promised.

My daughters make my heart smile. I don’t think there is any greater feeling than watching them grow into beautiful, smart young ladies, setting goals and working really hard to achieve them.

My sorority make my heart smile. I believe in the principles of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and I will continue to give it my all. It has always been a lifelong dream and I will continue to serve until the day I die. Gamma Tau Omega Chapter 💕💚

The students at my job make my heart smile. Just knowing that I am making a difference in their lives in a positive manner brings me so much joy. I questioned God when I was actively seeking other employment and another door wouldn’t open until I realized why, my “season” at my current job isn’t up yet, those kids need me and it’s just not my time to venture on.

Doing the things that I love to do, shopping, blogging, and “me time”, all make my heart smile and I plan on doing more of this all year long. Attending more social events, hanging out more with old friends, building a bond with new friends and just doing whatever MAKES MY HEART ♥️ SMILE 😊.

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