Awaiting the World to Reopen

I’m so ready for the world to reopen. I miss going places, seeing people, or just doing whatever I choose to do outside, with no limitations. I have so many clothes to wear and the seasons are slowly passing me by. So for now, I’m going to get all dressed up and sit around with nowhere to go. Well, at least I will have pictures as the memories.

Rompers will definitely be my “go to” item when the world does reopen, versatile and very easy to style. This heat gets pretty bad here in Georgia so I’m trying to wear the least amount of clothes as possible and still be cool. I’m also a huge fan of denim so this romper definitely didn’t miss the mark.

This destroyed denim romper looked even better in person as it did online. The light denim has splashes of clorox to give it an edgy look. It buttons down in the front but u can leave some of the buttons open allowing the necklace to show if, in fact, you choose to wear one. I completed the look with silver accessories and a pair of fringe heel sandals.

Outfit details:

Romper: Here

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Continue to be safe.

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One thought on “Awaiting the World to Reopen

  1. As always you look fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a romper. Not sure I’d look good in one. So, I’ll admire them on you, lol! Oh, your hair looks amazing 😍😍 I’m waiting on the country to reopen to but I actually can wait. I don’t want it to be to soon and this to have been all for nothing. It’s really bad in Florida. I just keep praying and getting my distancing. Enjoy your weekend 💕❤🦋

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