Pink and Green Always Wins

There’s absolutely no secret that I love pink and green. If they make it, I’m buying it. I can never have too much pink and green in my closet. So since the majority of my pink and green happens to be professional or business attire, I thought it would only be fitting to switch it up and do a little casual style.

I jumped at this outfit quickly, simply because of the colors. I ordered it from a site that I had never ordered from and to my surprise, the colors were definitely not as shown on the store’s website but it was still pink and green so I kept it. I figured I could dress it up with heels and then on a more casual day, I can add my sneakers that also include the infamous pink and green colors. Nike definitely didn’t miss the mark with this Air Max 1 sneaker.

So, if you’re like me and love dressing up but every now and again, you want to switch it up, this would be the perfect outfit. It is very cozy and comfortable. The best part about it is the pants were long enough for my height which is usually rare when I have to buy them together as a set. Also I will be getting a lot of wear out of this jacket when Autumn rolls around. I may even add an AKA patch to it.

Outfit details:

Track suit: Here

Sneakers: Here

Heels: Here

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