I’m a Fighter, but…

I’m a Fighter, but…

I get tired too

Sometimes it gets so hard

Hard to stand, without falling apart

Times get rough and I wanna give up

I have to remind myself not to get stuck

Stuck in a ruck feeling sorry for myself

I gotta keep it moving, gotta past this test

A Test from God, testing my patience & my faith

I’m getting discouraged and losing this race

Everything’s wrong and nothing’s going right

I’m stressing so bad, I can’t sleep at night

I’m a Fighter but…

I get tired too

Tired of all the bullshit that I’m going through

COVID19 forced me to see things in a new light

Strained relationships I’ve tried to make right

Some were savaged, others were not

At least I know I did my part

Doing the right thing and following my heart

I’m a Fighter but…

I get tired too

Death touched my life this week

My dear coworker passed, I couldn’t even speak

Here today and gone tomorrow

Now my heart is filled with so much sorrow

Police killing blacks, nothing’s being done

I’m lately fearful for my black sons

In times like this, I know I need to take a break

sit back and regroup and continue to be great

Tough times don’t last but tough people do

With that being said, I know I’ll make it through

Because I’m a Fighter, NO but!

No ifs, ands, or buts about it.


~Dr. Meshonda L. Moore

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Blog post dedicated to Mrs. C. Jackson, you will be greatly missed. Rest in Paradise.

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