The Maxi Dress

Summer has arrived so it’s only right ghat you pull out those sundresses and maxi dresses. This is a great transition item to go from Spring to Summer.

Personally, what I love about a maxi dress is the simple fact that they can be dressed up or down. They are very versatile and easy to style and can easily be worn to the beach, to work, or a night on the town for girl’s night out. I scored this dress at Ross. One problem that I often seem to have when I’m shopping for dresses is the length. I can hardly ever find one to come to my ankle being that I’m 5’8″. That reason is why I opted to wear flats. However, if you are short, you may want to opt yo wear heels.

Thank you for visiting my blog. “The MeLaMo Show” will now be known as “Simply Meshonda” but that is the only change. Thanking you in advance for your continued support 😍🤗.

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