Pulling up out of Quarantine

Well damn 2020,

This is how I’m pulling up out of quarantine. I’m drinking my water, staying in my own lane, minding my own damn business and my weight scale 🔥.

Better days are coming.

In recent months, I have to admit that I lost myself. I truly forgot who I was and sadly, I forgot my worth. I promise myself that I will never ever allow myself to get to that place again, ever, ever again!

What I have learned during this pandemic is that change is good. Sometimes it takes some time to adjust but the less resistance you give, the easier it will be.

I have also learned that relationships and/or friendships will end to only be replaced by new ones. It’s okay to let people go, it’s okay to outgrow people, it’s truly okay to just grow apart, and it’s definitely okay to just move on. No one will be the same person that they were when you initially met them and if they are, that’s a problem. As you grow older, you should be maturing and becoming wiser, moving forward in life, not backwards. Some people won’t even recognize your growth or the positive changes in you and that’s fine too.

There’s no need to to try and convince anyone if and how you have changed. Actions truly do speak louder than words. Find the strength to walk away from anything that brings you hurt or pain, walk away from anything that no longer brings joy into your life.

I have realized that not everything requires a response from me. I am only responsible for my actions and not those around me. My time is precious and valuable and not everyone is worthy of my time especially an absolute stranger that is hating from the sidelines. Ohhhh, The shade is real.

Sometimes you have to sit back and ask yourself is it worth it? You can’t give people that are not on your level the satisfaction of stooping down to their level. Sometimes no response is the best response. Now that’s growth!

I recently have heard people say “can we just throw 2020 away” and I may have even said it myself. But now, I’m embracing everything that has happened in 2020, the good, the bad, the ugly, but most definitely the bad. The bad has given me strength, strength that I had forgotten was inside of me. I’m embracing everything in the past and everything that is to come in the future. I know my worth and I will never let anyone take that from me.

I know now that you can’t have rainbows without the rain. Tough times don’t last but tough people do. As we journey through the 2nd half of 2020, I’m ready for anything that comes my way. My daughters are watching me, I can’t give up, I can’t let them down. So I will continue to hold my head high and smile through the pain, knowing that weeping may endure for a night but joy, yes joy, joy comes in the morning.

Life is too short to be anything short of happy.

Outfit details:

Jumpsuit is from the clearance rack at Ross for an amazing $1.99 🤩

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