Little Black Dress

If you’re wondering what the # 1 Must Have item is for women, it has definitely got to be the Little Black Dress.

(Dress: Ross)

The LBD is a timeless piece that will never go out of style. It is perfect for any and every event from 9-5 at the office, after 5 dinner parties, Girl’s Night Out, and even weddings, in this modern day era.

(Dress: Shein)

It’s very popular for one to have an “All Black Attire” affair and how you stand out from the crowd will be the style of dress that you choose and how you accessorize.

(Dress: TJMaxx)

The LBD is one of the easiest items to shop for and can be found in every department store and in every price range so definitely shop around until you find one that suits your style and fits your budget.

(Dress: Ross)

If you want to play it safe, always opt for the LBD and you won’t go wrong. It can be worn all 4 seasons and easily paired with a pair of tights in the Fall and Winter.

(Dress: Express)

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