Elevation as defined by webster dictionary is the action or fact of elevating or being elevated.

This is my plan for 2021 or shall I say, God’s Plan for me. In 2020, I took some losses but sometimes you have to lose to win again and I have absolutely NO REGRETS. None whatsoever because what’s for me is for me, nothing or no one can change that. I’m now walking into rooms that I never knew existed.

I understand that everything happens for a reason and the only way from here is up. I’m thankful for all of the revelations that were made to me this year. My eyes were opened to many things that I once turned a blind eye to.

God has a way of pushing you out of your comfort zone and I’m so glad that he removed me from people and places that I no longer needed to be and I am thankful.

I’m grateful and humble for the doors that have recently opened in my life that would not have opened if the other doors hadn’t closed.

I’m thankful for the ultimate betrayal from people that I thought would never do anything to cause me any harm but actually was the one to put the knife in my back.

Thankful and grateful that elevators go down but they actually go back up once the door is closed. So I want to encourage you if you went through a tough time in 2020, get out of your own way and allow the elevator door to close. I promise you, the elevator goes back up and the great part about it is you get to decide what floor to get off on.

One thing about life, the people that you see on your way up, you see them again on your way down. I say that to say, be careful how you treat others.

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