I Still Rise

It’s been said that the people that you see on your way up, you will definitely see them again on your way down. With that being said, always do right by people because you may one day find yourself on the receiving end of the seeds that you’ve sown, sow wisely.

I Still Rise

I’ll hold my head up high

Through all of the negativity

I’ll stll make it by

I Still Rise

No matter the evil you do

I’m in control of my life

And I’ll still make it through

I Still Rise

When you tell me that I won’t

I know I have a purpose on earth

Even if you think I don’t

I Still Rise

When the enemy tries to attack

Even through all the hardships

I always seem to bounce back

I Still Rise

No matter what you may say

As long as God is on my side

I know things will always fall in place

I Still Rise

~Dr. Meshonda Latrice France

Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed for the doors that have opened in my life and I’m ready to walk through them. Everything happens for a reason and although I didn’t see it at that time, I definitely see it now. Always remember that the sun is somewhere shining even when it rains but for now: The storm is over!!!

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