Let’s Talk, White

Labor Day is quickly approaching and I’m not looking forward to all of the “you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day” comments. This is so freaking annoying to me and couldn’t be any further from the truth. If you knew how that came about, then you definitely wouldn’t still be saying it. I have blogged about this every year around this time. Long story short, a group of rich women in the early 1900s wanted to come up with a way to determine other “elite women”, so they said, in order to determine this, we will not wear white in the colder months after Labor Day so if you were seen wearing white, they would know that you were not part of the “money club.” From there, it just trickled down to everyone else over the years..

Needless to say, where there are rules, there are rule breakers and CoCo Chanel came along and made sense out of all that nonsense and wore white year round. So be like CoCo and wear the damn white because I definitely am.

Dress: Here , Hat: Here

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