You Gotta Be Ready

I’ve often heard the saying, “if you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready,” and I know that it’s sometimes hard to just be sitting on ready, 24-7. With that being said, let me break it down for you and share a personal experience.

When you are praying and manifesting things into your life because undoubtedly, if you’re praying and also putting in the work, the prayers will sooner or later be answered. You gotta be ready and know that at any time, God’s gonna open that door.

After losing my job in November 2020, I started knocking on doors. Knock, knock, knock, not my door. Knock, knock, knock, not my door. Knock, knock, knock, not my door. Now let’s be clear, the doors were opening but the jobs were just not a good fit for me so I would quit and find something else. Then it hit me, next time you knock, don’t enter the door unless God tells you to enter. I got up and went to my closet door and sarcastically knocked on the door and opened it. My closet is full of clothes and I hate going in there because honestly speaking, it was so unorganized and cluttered, until that day. I began to organize it, all the white thinking, damn, maybe this is my door, maybe this is what I should be doing full time instead of part time, blogging. So much unseen work goes into doing it full time and I just didn’t know if I was “ready.” I can make my own hours, be my own boss, all while, doing something I absolutely love, fashion. So it happened, I launched Simply Meshonda Consulting LLC. and it took off from there and quickly. Yes, brands and businesses pay me to advertise their products on my social media page. It’s also referred to as a Social Media Influencer.

Instead of me reaching out to brands, they started reaching out to me. I was like, “ok girl, here you go, you prayed for this shit and now it’s happening.” I was ready and I’m so thankful that this door has opened, the door was there all along but sometimes you have to push the door instead of pulling it. I also launched my own travel business, Simply Meshonda Travels Click here. I have a few other things in the works, so stay tuned.

So I tell you today, BE READY 😎

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Thank you for visiting my blog 😘

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