Spring has Sprung

Okay so I prepared this blog for Spring but never posted it but I couldn’t let it go to waste since I really like the outfit, so here you go. Lol

Welp, Spring is finally here. It’s time for the pollen, flowers blooming, and warmer weather. Well, that’s not all that you will notice. Let’s get ready for the return of the bright vibrant colors. I personally, wear light colors all year long but some seem to belong that pastel colors are seasonal.

For this look, I chose a high waisted pencil skirt. This skirt os from the Eva Mendes Collection at New York and Company. It was not true to size, I actually had to size down two sizes. That’s the only thing that I dislike about the clothes at NY snd Co is the sizes are so inconsistent. I paired the skirt with a beautiful multi colired necktie blouse and a pair of Christian Louboutin heels.

Outfit details:

Skirt: Here

Top: Here

Heels: Here

Thanks for visiting.

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