Don’t be thrown off by shirt, I am very aware that the “technical” definition of bougie is : a thin, flexible surgical instrument for exploring or dilating a passage of the body. However, the “urban dictionary” defines it as Anything that is percieved as “upscale” from a blue-collar point of view. ‘Bougie’ (pronounced boo’-she) is a hacked truncation of the word Bourgeoisie, which refers to the middle-class in Europe, but refers to a more affluent class level in the United States. So with that being said, guess what? I’m bougie-ish lol It’s all just for fun, lighten up and live a little bit or a lot but if I want to be bougie, just leave me be.

Anyhow, for this look, I paired a pair of distressed jeans with my “bougie-ish” tshirt. I added a leather fringe belt skirt to give it a classier look. I added a pop of color and completed the look with a pair of pink high heel sandals.

Outfit details:

Jeans: Here

Tshirt: Here

Leather Fringe Belt Skirt: Here

Heels: Here

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