Dress Me

I know you are probably wondering if I wear anything other than dresses but I do. I mean, I do have a secret love affair with dresses. My main reason for wearing dresses is it’s simple and easy and sometimes I can be lazy. You wouldn’t think it, since I seem so polished and pulled together in all these pretty dresses. In reality; however, it took me about four seconds to choose my entire outfit—and I don’t care to spend any more time than that. This way, my entire outfit is on one hanger. No matching, no mixing, no pairing. Just zip it up and go! Lol If you would see my overloaded closet then you would understand why the less time that I spend in there, the better.

For this look, I chose a colorblock sheath dress from New York & Co., I love the dress so much that I purchased it in two different colors. I paired it with a black blazer and Christian Louboutin heels.

Outfit details:

Dress: Here

Blazer: Here

Heels: Here

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